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Following the recommended guidelines below during any re-roofing process will help ensure that all roofing projects run smoothly.

You will be notified in advance of the time/date roofing materials will be delivered to your home. In most cases, the materials will be placed on your roof.

If your estimator has not already inquired, please advise us of the location of your outside electric power source. If none is available, please make arrangements for our installers to “plug” into an inside receptacle for use of their roofing equipment.

You will also be notified in advance when your roofing project will begin. Before the installers arrive, please take a few minutes to protect your valuables by removing items hanging on exterior walls and place on the floor until work is completed. Remove any items around the eaves that could possibly be damaged by falling shingles.

We shall attempt to the best of our ability to protect your flowers & shrubs; however, use of tarps may burn grass, flowers and shrubs if covered in hot weather conditions.

PLEASE PLAN FOR THE NOISE: There will be hammering during most phases of your re-roofing project. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

We will need access to your roof via the driveway. Please park all vehicles out of this area while work is in progress and for the delivery of materials.

Please keep children and pets away from work area.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ROOF RE-DECKS: Please have any belongings stored in your attic COVERED. Wood shingles, decking and roofing debris will fall through the spaced decking into the attic during tear-off of the old roof. If you have any items stored in your garage, please remove or cover the property. When all work is completed, our roofing crews will clean all roofing debris from the job site and nail-roll your yard. Gutters will be cleared of roofing debris; however, if there is an accumulation of leaves, branches, etc., you will be notified so that you can have your gutters properly cleaned.

Whenever wood shingles, shakes or multiple layers of existing roofing are removed, there is the likelihood that existing siding or paint will be above the new roof line and an area (void) will now exist between the existing paint or siding.

Please contact our office if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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